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Loftslag.is (loftslag = climate) is a website in Icelandic about climate science and related matters as well as the debate about climate science. We are two who manage the site on daily basis, Sveinn Atli and Höski Búi, and the third is joining us these days, more on that later. We have also had some guests writing material for the site, about many different issues. We have had scientist to write for us, as well as enthusiasts about climate related matters.

Loftslag.is opened on September 19th 2009, which was 55.000 days since Svante Arrhenius’s birth, as an homage to him, one of the big names in the climate science history.

Our background is that Höski Búi has a M.S. in geology and Sveinn Atli is an enthusiast about the issue. We try to be objective in our approximation and we want to get as good information to our readers about the issue as we possibly can.

On the website we have the traditional myths, some of them of course in collaboration with TheSkepticalScience.com. The site is also divided between the pages, the posts and the videos. The pages are mostly about the science, which is about the scientific history, the background of the science, the past climate changes and the research about todays climate change and global warming, as well as the myths. Related news, issues and blogs has got some space as posts, we also write about the “skeptics” of course. Some climate videos does get embedded on the website, some of them of course from the well known Greenman3610 and Potholer54.

Our goal is to have subjective debate about climate science and to have good sources in the literature.

About the Author

Sveinn Atli: Fjölskyldumaður og áhugamaður um loftslagsmál.